Investigator Rob Burdess with the Newton Police Department was promoted to the rank of Lt. on December 4, 2013. Officer Rob Burdess began his law enforcement career in August 1997 with the University of Iowa Campus Police Department in Iowa City as a patrol officer. Officer Burdess graduated from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in November 1997. He started with the Newton Police Department in July 1999. Officer Burdess has worked as a Detective for the past several years.  

Officer Burdess has received training in advanced accident investigations, field training officer, PR-24 instructor, ASP instructor, riot baton instructor, defensive tactics instructor, self-defense instructor, DARE instructor, crime scene investigations, and is a member of the department’s tactical unit.  

Lt. Burdess just completed his term as the President of the Iowa State Police Association and is a member of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Advisory Board. He is currently an adjunct Criminal Justice instructor at Des Moines Area Community College.   

Rob is married and has a daughter and son. Police Chief Jeff Hoebelheinrich was very happy to promote Rob to the rank of Lieutenant due to all of his hard work and dedication to the citizens of Newton. Rob has excelled in every endeavor that he has worked on and we all know he will be an outstanding supervisor for the Newton Police department. Congratulations Rob on this hard-earned and well deserved promotion.


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