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Our mission is to promote professionalism in Iowa Law Enforcement through communication, education and legislation with the purpose of enhancing the lives of our members. To encourage and build camaraderie between all members of the law enforcement community.This association was founded in 1932 under the name Iowa State Policemen's Association. The Iowa State Police Association was formed with the intent to benefit all of its members statewide. In 1990 the name of the Association was changed to Iowa State Police Association to reflect the influx of women into the ranks of Iowa's Finest.

The Iowa State Police Association is a proud member of the National Association of Police Organizations

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Any full time peace officer from a municipal police department, Iowa Department of Public Safety, or Iowa DOT Enforcement Division is eligible for membership in the ISPA. An annual fee of $40 for active members and $30 for retired members is all that is needed to become a part of Iowa's largest association of law enforcement professionals.

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As President of the Iowa State Police Association, I would like to welcome you to our website. Our association prides itself in providing the highest level of representation to our membership and encourage you to take advantage of all the various services our site offers.

Thank you for visiting the website and I encourage you to check back often for news and current events.


Josh Bell



MFPRSI retirement is 66% of high three-year salary average at age 55 with 22 years of service. Additional 2% per year beyond 22 years of service, but not to exceed 30 years of service, or an additional 16% for a maximum benefit of 82% of a member’s high three-year average salary. This is taxable income.

MFPRSI serves as the disability system for full-time Fire Fighters and Police Officers. Death benefits to surviving spouses and children are also provided by the system.

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COPLINE "An Officer's Lifeline" 

COPLINE is the first national law enforcement officer’s hotline, manned entirely by retired law enforcement officers. An active or retired officer or their family can call 24/7 and be assured there is a trained retired officer on the other end of the line. COPLINE is strictly confidential.

If you see yourself or someone else struggling, please have them reach out to COPLINE and/or seek professional help. COPLINE: 1-800-267-5463


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