The ISPA Goes Digital – Eric Snyder


The ISPA Journal has gone digital. Look for it now in your email inbox. Hopefully if you are reading this you have already signed up for the ISPA Journal E-Newsletter, but If you haven’t click HERE and sign-up now.

A lot of our members told us that they didn't take the time to read the print version of the ISPA Journal and/or didn’t find the content useful or current. The old printed version like many printed magazines seemed to be made up largely of advertisements due to the high cost of printing and other related expenses.  We also found sometimes the news in the printed magazine was “old news” due to delays caused by editing, printing and mailing the magazines.   We have used this feedback to improve the Journal so it will be more useful to all of our members.

With the new ISPA Journal format we hope to give you more information when you need it. We plan to have several featured sections that will be useful to a wide range of our members. We hope you like the content and welcome any suggestions you have.

Some of the topics/articles to look for in the coming year include: Instructor information, Retirement information, Iowa Hero’s – where we spotlight good things officers did, and the board member spotlight where each board member will inform you on something ISPA/LE related. We’ll also include ISPA and RTC news throughout the year.

Expect to see the ISPA Journal in your inbox 7 more times this year. The release dates are planned around important events and will generally be 1-2 months apart. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for up to date information between issues.

We have also made some recent improvements to the website.   We have revamped the News and Training web pages.   Each of these pages now has a RSS feed.  You can subscribe to ISPA News and Training to get News and training opportunities delivered right to your RSS Reader.   

If you don’t know what this is (don’t worry I didn’t) you can find out more here. If you have a smartphone there are some really good apps that will bring ISPA news right to the palm of your hand as we post it to the website.

This is an exciting time for the ISPA as we hope to bring you several more positive changes in the coming year. Sign-up for the ISPA Journal and subscribe to the ISPA RSS feed so you don’t miss anything! 

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