Fayette County Deputy shot by inmate.  SAVED BY VEST!

Fayette County Deputy shot by inmate. SAVED BY VEST!



The Fayette County Sheriff's Office says an inmate who was supposed to receive treatment for medical issues, instead tried to escape from custody.  Sheriff Marty Fisher says the escape attempt ended when the inmate grabbed a deputy's gun, shot the deputy, then turned the gun on himself.  The inmate died.  The deputy was not hurt seriously. 

It happened at about 8:30 a.m. at Palmer Lutheran Hospital in West Union.  In a prepared statement, Sheriff Marty Fisher says the inmate had been taken to the hospital for treatment for medical issues.  He says during the treatment, the deputy released one of the inmate's hands from his handcuffs and the inmate attacked the deputy.  He says a struggle then took place.  He says during the struggle, the inmate took the deputy's weapon and held the deputy at gunpoint, saying he wanted to be fully released in order to make an escape. 

Sheriff Fisher says the deputy then "deployed a non-lethal device" at the inmate.  He says the inmate then shot the deputy.  He says the deputy's bullet-proof vest prevented serious injury to the deputy.  The sheriff says the inmate then shot himself.  He died at the scene.  The sheriff says the investigation has been turned over to the Division of Criminal Investigation.  The hospital has limited entrance to some areas.  However, it still is fully operating and the entrance to the emergency room is open.  The sheriff says names of the deputy and inmate will be released at a later date and after a full investigation and notification is completed.

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