Marshalltown PD Shop with a Cop

Marshalltown PD Shop with a Cop


Marshalltown PD ISPA Local #17/FOP Lodge #2 Shop with a Cop



Tuesday night December 9, 2015 was the Annual Christmas Shop with a Cop for ISPA Local 17/FOP Lodge #2. This is the 10th year we have held this event, in addition to the Back to School Shop with a Cop.


We teamed with the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters to establish a list of 19 kids who were in need of this program. Officer Danielson noted that, “Every single kid that we took shopping was deserving of and had fun as usual and so did the Officers who volunteered their time. The kids were excited to be able to purchase Christmas presents for their families.”


We had a handful of Marshalltown residents approach us and give donations as we waited to take the kids shopping. We also had several people thank us for what we were doing for those kids. We appreciate the support from the citizens of Marshalltown.


Thanks again to Sgt. Bellile, Sgt. Tuttle, Officers Jefferson, Veren, Lageschulte, Accola, Allen, Heitman, and Sheets for donating your time. 



By Officer Dave Danielson, President ISPA Local 17/FOP Lodge #2


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