Bob Flannery Awarded Bage of Honor

Bob Flannery Awarded Bage of Honor


On May 1, 2015 Bob Flannery was awarded the Badge of Honor at the Dubuque County Emergency Responders Association's annual banquet.

Bob committed 38 years of his life to serving the residents of Dubuque County. Bob started his career as a police officer with the Dubuque Police Department and worked his way up to the rank of Sergeant of the Training division. He was always a positive person and put forth a caring attitude towards members of the community as well as his fellow officers. He was approachable and never too busy to help anyone out.

Bob improved law enforcement by leading by example. His ability to be very observant and diligent while on patrol was vital for investigations where he was the first responding officer. He passed on his experiences to other officers he worked with and even after retirement continues to assist with training exercises. He is also a retired volunteer fire fighter for the Asbury Fire Department and worked for many years with the Critical Incident Stress Management Team. 

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