September 30, 2017

Chief TJ Behning is at University of Iowa hospitals where he will remain for the foreseeable future, undergoing several operations on his lower extremities in an attempt to salvage his right leg. T.J. and his family will endure a long but obtainable road of recovery, incurring significant medical expenses as well as travel expenses due to the hospital being located away from their home. Any and all donations are very much appreciated! You can make a donation at the GoFundMe page.

September 28, 2017

Chief Behning still in hospital facing at least 3 surgeries this week

Heidi Behning, the Chief's wife, said he has two broken legs and a severed nerve, among other injuries.

"Tj is out of surgery. He has two broken legs which are not their concern at this time. Infection is the major concern. The leg suffered a lot of damage and has a lot of debris in it. They spent over an hour in the ER and 5 more hours in the OR cleaning it out. He has severed the nerve which allows him to raise his foot. His calf muscle was also torn off. He lost the skin on the front side of his leg and so he will need skin grafts. He will have 3 more surgeries this week at least to clean the wound out and look at repairing the leg. His foot on the “good” leg is all stitched up and they think should heal just fine. His head has some stitches but looks good too. The road to recovery will be long but that we can handle. He is here and that’s all that counts. We sit in the hospital tonight with our hearts full of love and a greater appreciation for the community we live in. 

Press Release:

On September 25th, 2017 the Davenport Police Department initiated a vehicle pursuit being operated by Logan Shoemaker (20 years old). During the pursuit, Shoemaker was involved in a traffic accident with a garbage truck, threatened the life of the driver of the garbage truck and ultimately took possession of it.

Shoemaker continued to lead officers on a pursuit in the garbage truck through Blue Grass, then south on 70th Ave. toward Buffalo. On 40th Ave. (County Rd. Y40) Chief Terry Behning of the Buffalo Police Department was attempting to utilize stop sticks against the garbage truck. Shoemaker veered the truck toward Chief Behning's squad car and struck it, head on. Chief Behning was positioned behind the squad at this time and was struck by the squad.

Shoemaker was apprehended moments later.
Chief Behning was air lifted to the hospital by MedForce. At this time we don't have a detailed update on his condition.
In addition to the multiple charges from Davenport Police Department, The Scott County Sheriff's Office charged Shoemaker with robbery 1st degree and in reference to the incident with Chief Behning, Shoemaker was charged with attempted murder.

The Iowa State Patrol is handling the traffic accident portion of the investigation, the Davenport Police Department and the Scott County Sheriff's Office is handling the criminal investigation.

Thank you to all agencies involved: The Iowa State Patrol, Scott County Sheriff's Office, Davenport Police Department, Scott County Conservation Officers, Muscatine County Sheriff's Office, Blue Grass Police Department, Canadian Pacific Railroad Police Department, Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Fire Department, Davenport Fire Department, Medic Emergency Services, MedForce, and Scott County VIPS units.

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