01/25/2021 - 01/29/2021
Aquatics Special Event Building, 1801 NW 114th Street, Clive, Iowa 50325
Lt. Mark Rehberg, Clive Police Department

Hosted by:
Chief Michael Venema and the Clive Police Department

The FBI-LEEDA Supervisor Leadership Institute (SLI) is a foundational 4½-day course that
helps prepare the next generation of police leaders for their critical first steps in police
leadership. Supervisors and managers at higher levels will benefit from the topics
covered in this course, appreciating how first line supervisors are critical to the success
of the organization. To lead others, we must first know ourselves and SLI takes us on
that part of the leadership journey. Among the modules covered in this course,
students will find out how the DISC factors, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and
Compliance, can predict your behavior towards others in day-to-day interactions. The
students will thoroughly examine the concepts of credibility, accountability and
motivation, while becoming familiar with aspects of liability and discipline that are vital
to leadership at all levels of the organization.

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