Officer Jill Ohm-Fitch Sioux City Police Dept. Date of Incident 10-03-2014

Officer Jill Ohm-Fitch Sioux City Police Dept. Date of Incident 10-03-2014


Officer Jill Ohm Fitch
Sioux City Police Department
Date of Incident:  10-03-2014


On October 3, 2014, Officer Jill Ohm Fitch, Sioux City Police, was dispatched to a disturbance involving a subject that was possibly suicidal. A male exited the residence and Officer Fitch initiated contact with him, not knowing if he was involved. This subject was being compliant with Officer Fitch and was following verbal directives. Without warning or provocation,the suspect pulled a handgun from his pocket and advanced on Officer Fitch, firing two shots at point blank range. One of the bullets struck Officer Fitch in the chin.

Even after being shot in the face, Officer Fitch was able to show composure and controlled the scene. This encounter, from the time of first contact with the suspect to the calling out of officer down, was less than two minutes. Officer Fitch was able to not only control the scene but alsorelay the suspect’s name, description and direction of travel to responding officers.

Because of Officer Fitch’s strength and courage under the most extreme situation, officers were able to set up a perimeter to help contain the suspect, thus potentially saving the life of any citizens in the area or other law enforcement officers. After a four-hour manhunt, the suspect was taken into custody (within the perimeter initially set up). At the time of the incident Officer Fitch had served the Sioux City Police Department for four years.

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