Officer Adam Liddle Waterloo Police Dept. E.O.W. 10-29-2015

Officer Adam Liddle Waterloo Police Dept. E.O.W. 10-29-2015



Officer Adam Liddle
Waterloo Police Department
EOW: 10-29-15




Officer Adam Liddle a 3-year veteran of the Waterloo Police Department died on October 29th, 2015.  Officer Liddle had worked 2nd shift patrol the previous night (October 28, 2015) and during his shift responded to several calls.  Around 2200 hrs Officer Liddle and several other officers were dispatched to a high risk weapons violation.  Dispatch advised the responding officers that people reported hearing 5-7 gunshots and gave officers a description of the suspect vehicle.  On arrival Officer Liddle and the other officers found a house had been shot several times with a shotgun.  Officer Liddle and the other officers checked the area for the suspect(s) and suspect vehicle, but none were located. 

Approximately one hour later Officer Liddle went home and went to bed.  A couple hours later he woke up and complained that his whole body hurt and wasn’t feeling well.  Adam ended up going back to bed and woke up the next morning still not feeling well.  He discounted his conditions and went to the gym to work out in order to stay in shape for the department’s mandatory annual physical fitness test. 

After completing his workout Adam was talking to some fellow officers and others who he had been working out with. They said Adam turned to walk away and suddenly collapsed and quit breathing.  One of the Officers and a nurse (who Adam worked out with) began to administer CPR while others called 911.   Adam was transported to Sartori Hospital where he ultimately died of sudden cardiac arrest. 

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