Officer Ryan Leabo Davenport Police Department Date of Incident April 25, 2019

Officer Ryan Leabo Davenport Police Department Date of Incident April 25, 2019


Officer Ryan Leabo

Davenport Police Department

Date of Incident: April 25, 2019

On April 25, 2019 members of the Davenport Police Department, Neighborhoods Energized To Succeed (NETS) unit, observed two suspicious males in a high crime area. Officer Ryan Leabo exited his patrol vehicle and ordered the two males to stop so he could talk to them. They ignored Officer Leabo's numerous requests to stop. One subject, later identified as Brett Dennis, was wearing a small handbag. As officers got closer to Dennis, he took off running. As he was running down an alley, he was trying to reach into the handbag. While running from Officer Leabo, Dennis yelled at Officer Leabo to shoot him. Officer Leabo caught up with Dennis and attempted to take him into custody by grabbing him from behind in a bear hug. At this point, Officer Leabo observed Dennis pull a semi-automatic handgun from the handbag.

A struggle ensued with Officer Leabo trying to get control of Dennis' handgun, as he drew his own weapon. During the struggle, Dennis fired two rounds. The first round struck Officer Leabo in the left leg. The second round struck Officer Leabo in the chest. This round was stopped by his body armor, likely saving Officer Leabo's life. During the struggle, Officer Leabo fired one round striking Dennis in the right leg. Officer Leabo's handgun then malfunctioned. Dennis disengaged and ran from Officer Leabo. Additional officers arrived and Dennis was taken into custody about a block away. Dennis' handgun was recovered under an air conditioning unit near where he was taken into custody.

Office Leabo was transported to a local hospital for emergency treatment. Officer Leabo was treated for significant bruising to his chest area where the bullet struck his body armor, a gunshot wound to his left leg and minor injuries to his head, shoulder and lower extremities. Officer Leabo has recovered from his injuries.

Having been cleared by the Davenport Police Internal Affairs Unit and the Scott County Attorney's Office, Officer Leabo has returned to active duty with the NETS unit.

The subsequent investigation by the Scott County Sheriff's Office resulted in Brett Dennis being charged with Attempt to Commit Murder, Felon in Possession of a Firearm (2 counts), Violation of a Protective Order, Robbery in the 1st degree and Theft in the 3rd degree.

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