DESERT SNOW (interdiction training)


DESERT SNOW (interdiction training)

06/12/2024 - 06/14/2024
Urbandale, Iowa
Sergeant Matt Gausman



Urbandale Police Department is hosting "DESERT SNOW" a three day hands-on criminal interdiction workshop on June 12 - 14, 2024.  


Years in the making, This is Desert Snow's NEWEST 3-DAY HANDS-ON WORKSHOP. 3 full days of hands-on search rotations. NO POWERPOINT!! Perfect for federal agents (DEA, HSI, FBI, ATF), canine handlers, street cops, highway cops, and anyone else who might perform, or assist in, a vehicle search.

This course does not teach officers how to identify criminal activity during traffic stops. Desert Snow has other courses for this. This course is ALL ABOUT VEHICLE SEARCHES and will expose attendees to 25+ actual compartment vehicles (cars, vans, SUV’s & pickups) which were utilized by actual contraband smugglers in every region of the United States.




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