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Iowa State Police Association Newsletter
August 2017




Sept. 12
RTC And ISPA Board Meeting (if needed)
Location: Fort Dodge


Oct. 9–Oct. 11
ISPA Annual Conference
Location: Davenport





Ronald "Ron" L. Martin
Local #6 Muscatine Police Department


Gene W. Thompson
Local #12 Waterloo Police Department


Lyle David Haviland
Local #10 Des Moines Police Department



By Todd Thoeming, ISPA President




It is hard to believe I have had the honor of serving on the Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) Board for seven years. In that time, I have made several wonderful lifelong friends from the ISPA Board and ISPA Conferences. Friends have also been made with board members of the Rabiner Treatment Center and National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO).


I would like to extend my congratulations and welcome to Past President Ryan Goecke, who has been hired as the new secretary/treasurer for ISPA. Ryan will start shortly and work with current Secretary/Treasurer Rick Host for the transition.



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By Tim Pillack, ISPA First Vice President


Earlier this year, Secretary Treasurer Rick Host announced to the Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) Board that he was going to resign from his position following the ISPA Conference in 2018. Host served on the ISPA Board of Directors from 1989 through 1996 and has been our secretary treasurer since July 1998.


At our goals planning meeting, Dave McFarland, Josh Bell, Host and I were placed on a search committee to find a new secretary treasurer. We took applications for the position and in June interviewed three candidates. At our July board meeting, the search committee recommended ISPA hire Past President Ryan Goecke. This appointment was approved by the board.


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By Melinda Ruopp, United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) National Secretary


McCarthy Legacy Foundation
After the usual presentation of waivers, Judy Bradshaw, Director of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), discussed the McCarthy Award. Set up to receive donated funds, the McCarthy Legacy Foundation would join with the Greater Des Moines Foundation to strengthen the organization. With this arrangement, the ILEA would receive funds every February. Roger Sitterly, ILEA retired, requested that this vote be delayed. The council decided to wait until October to take action.


ILEA budget
The ILEA budget will be cut from $1 million to $954,000 this year. The $5 million set aside for a new facility has been cut...

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RABINER ROUND-UP — News and views from Rabiner Treatment Center, home of the Jerry Rabiner Memorial Boys Ranch
By Brad L. Klug MSW, CEO of RTC


Hello to all my brothers and sisters in law enforcement! I hope you and your families all are safe and healthy. Here are a few Rabiner Treatment Center (RTC) updates for you:


Tour of Fort Dodge Law Enforcement Center On May 31st, Director of Programming Justine Smith and Administrative Assistant Lynne Brown took the Elite Corps members on a tour of the Fort Dodge Police Department (FDPD), which was arranged by Captain Bob Thode. Sergeant Steve Hanson led the tour, passing on valuable and interesting information. We saw almost every part of the FDPD, and the boys had opportunities to ...

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Iowa man runs a half marathon in memory of his wife, a DM Police Officer who was killed on duty


Urbandale, Iowa family gets Vietnam Military Medals


1 simple strategy for dealing with a driver who refuses to give you their license


Girl calls police to check for monsters in new home


Police officer adopts 8-year-old boy he saved from severe child abuse


Cop stops man with knife, hugs him


North Carolina police respond to call, end up joining in on Slip 'N Slide




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