MAY 2016

MAY 2016

Iowa Police Journal - June 2016
Iowa State Police Association Newsletter
May 2016


June 11
RTC Open Golf Tournament
Location: Fort Dodge Country Club
Time: 11:00 AM


June 12
RTC Meeting & ISPA Meeting
Location: Fort Dodge Campus
Time: 9:30 AM


June 23
NAPO Annual Convention
Location: Palm Beach, FL



Chad J. Langfitt
Local 5 Cedar Rapids

Lonnie Greenfield
Local 19 Des Moines

Joseph I. Hutter
Local 30 Bettendorf

Charles Edward Heller
Local 10 Des Moines

Eugene Hansen
Local 10 Des Moines

Don Langbein
Local 10 Des Moines

Gerald E. Bisbey
Local 23 Cedar Falls

Officer Carlos Puente-Morales
Local 10 Des Moines

Officer Susan Farrell
Local 10 Des Moines

Lawrence Van Arkel
Local 13 Oskaloosa

H. Marshall Allen
Local 10 Des Moines



By Steve Hanson, ISPA Director, Fort Dodge Police Department

imageHello Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) members, and greetings from Fort Dodge. I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather as we get closer to summer, which for most means golf, baseball, camping, soccer, fishing, and the list can go on and on.


I would like to take a moment and reflect over the past year-and-a-half as a member of the ISPA Board of Directors. When I was elected to the board in 2014, at the Ames conference, I was a little overwhelmed and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Now a year-and-a-half later, I am so glad I took on the challenge of being a board member and look forward to the years to come.


The first year during the legislative session, I made myself dizzy trying to keep up with all the different information coming at me from our lobbyists (who do a wonderful job, by the way) from the Capital, as they reported...


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86th General Assembly, 2016 Session, SINE DIE Week 15: April 18–22, 2016
By Paula Feltner and Mike Heller, ISPA Lobbyists


image The Iowa General Assembly gaveled out Sine Die on Friday evening, April 29, 2016, after taking final action on the remaining appropriations bills and sent members home for the year. While the session ran 10 days over its 100-day allotment, the April adjournment was one of the earliest in recent memory.


Since April 29, the governor has been receiving legislation from the general assembly and determining whether to sign or veto the legislation (remember he has item veto power on appropriations bills) during the 30-day review period. Governor Branstad has until May 29 to take final action on legislation. As this report reflects, we do not know the final disposition of several bills.

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Historical CSLI does not require probable cause showing
By Ken Wallentine

Pearson brought a bag of marijuana to the home of his girlfriend’s mother. Two men came to the home and spoke with Pearson. Pearson placed the bag of marijuana on the table and spoke to the men about money. One of the men responded, “No, we’re taking this.”

Pearson said, “Take it.” The men began going through Pearson's pockets. Pearson tried to grab a gun from his waistband. The men fatally shot Pearson and fled with the marijuana.

Pearson’s girlfriend told detectives that Pearson made phone calls and spoke about selling drugs to someone he called “D.” The detectives examined Pearson’s cell phone and traced a recently dialed number to Archer. The detectives conducted surveillance on Archer and watched her enter a bar. She came out of the bar with Taylor.


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IOWA’S HEROES — Tim Everett

Woman tried to pull son into river, stopped by officer
By Jeff Reinitz, reporter for The Courier

imageWATERLOO — A Waterloo woman apparently suffering from mental health issues told her young son “they were going to the river and then going to heaven” as she pulled him toward the Cedar River.

Officer Tim Everett made sure they didn’t get there.

Now the Waterloo police officer is being recognized for saving the life of the boy and his mother as she allegedly attempted to kill the child and herself.

Everett on Tuesday received a certificate of commendation for his actions on the banks of the Cedar River on the night of April 16, 2016. Daniel Trelka, director of safety services, presented the award.


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Video Shows Suspect Open Fire on Officer


Attack on South Dakota Trooper “Played Out Like a Movie”


Two Baltimore Officers in Freddie Gray Case Sue Marilyn Mosby


A heartbreaking photo: "Daddy, please don't be a police officer anymore"


3 ways to prepare for psychological realities of violent encounters


“Oh Crap!” traffic stop app helps Iowa man get drunken driving conviction tossed



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